Basic Internet Marketing Techniques – How to Increase Your Web Sites Visitors Easily

You really do not need to be an Internet marketing expert or ‘Guru’ to get a lot of people to your site. Once you figure out the basics all you have to do is come up with a plan on how you are going to do it. I have a few web sites that have earned thousands of dollars and I did not do anything extraordinary to promote them. Take a look at the following basic web site promotion techniques and take action and you will see an incredible increase in visitors to your web site.

Content – I am sure you have heard the saying ‘Content is King’ if you haven’t then you need to remember it. This is the truth, but it should be ‘Quality Content is King’. When you are building your web site it is very important to use only unique content. This means no duplicate content as the search engines frown upon it. Duplicate content is a phrase given to a page that has the exact same content as other pages on the Internet. Take some time to come up with good quality content that your visitors will find interesting and relevant. This will not only make your visitors happy and increase the chance of repeat visitors but it will also make the search engines happy. The content creation of your site should not be something that can be finished. It should be updated every chance you get.

Links – The quality of links on the Internet that are pointing to your site can make you or break you. A common misconception of many webmasters is that the more links that are pointing to your site the better off it is. Although this can be true it is important to always keep in mind quality is better than quantity. If you spend an hour to get a quality link pointing to your site it can be better then ten, twenty or even one hundred weak links. You should always set aside portion of your day or a day out of the week to strictly seek quality link partners. It is important to avoid the many link-building programs. Some may be useful but many are overused and worthless. Always remember if it seems to good to be true it probably is.

Article Marketing – This is arguably the best way you can market your web site. The reason it is so popular is because it provides one-way links to your sites via article directories and others that publish your article on their site. Another great advantage to article marketing is that you can submit articles for free to other sites and their visitors will read your article and if they like it they will follow through to your link in the signature block. There is controversy on whether or not submitting the same article the several sites is looked at as duplicate content. To be on the safe side I submit my articles to only a few well-known article directories and I get pretty good results doing so.

That’s it in a nutshell, create quality content for your site, build a strong linking campaign and submit quality articles. If you can abide by these basic web site marketing techniques you will see that your revenue rises every month. If your web site is brand new you may have to give it a few months before you see results. The main thing is to just stick with it and never give up. These techniques have been proven time and time again. Follow them and you will be successful in web site marketing and promotion.

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